The Good Prep – Healthy Meal Prep Delivery Service – Day 2 Food Review

The Good Prep – Healthy Meal Prep Delivery Service - Day 2 Food Review

I recently reviewed The Good Prep’s Healthy Meal Prep Delivery Service and really enjoyed my first days food.

Very tasty, filling, a great variety of food from sweet to savory and excellent portion sizes too.

I still have two days worth of amazing delicious healthy food from The Good Prep to review here at Evidence-Based Health.

The Good Prep is a Meal prep delivery service, delivering freshly prepared ready to eat meals direct to your door with nationwide delivery.

Tested & Featured by Men’s Health, Women’s Health, The Telegraph, The Sunday Times, Comopolitan, Glamour & Gymshark.

The Good Prep lets you choose a meal plan based on a target daily calorie range, prepared, cooked and delivered direct to your door.

The Good Prep – Day 2 – Healthy Meal Prep Delivery Service Food Review

Breakfast: Banana Pancakes

Protein: 17g – Carbohydrates: 55g – Fat: 12g – Calories: 401

Started my morning off with some delicious Banana Pancakes from The Good Prep.

Another amazing, tasty and protein rich breakfast at 17g per three pancakes, enriched with whey protein powder.

The pancakes are dusted in desiccated coconut which adds a really nice sweetness and also comes with a mixed berry compote for pouring over.

The Banana Pancakes were very filling and were a decadent healthy breakfast choice on a Saturday to set me up for the day.

Banana Pancakes The Good Prep Review

The Good Prep Banana Pancakes Review

Lunch: Beef Chilli + Basmati Rice

Protein: 22g – Carbohydrates: 44g – Fat: 5g – Calories: 317

For lunch I decided to go with the Beef Chilli and Basmati Rice.

I really love Beef Chilli so this was a natural choice for me, very protein rich which was needed after my morning workout and a nice source of carbs in the Basmati Rice.

One thing I have found so far is that The Good Prep’s food is all really well seasoned and full of flavour.

Also had my lunch served with The Good Prep’s very refreshing Cucumber, Apple and Kale juice.

Cucumber, Apple and Kale Green Juice The Good Prep Meal Delivery Service Review

Beef Chilli + Basmati Rice The Good Prep Review

Snack: Granola Bites

Mmm….the Granola Bites were absolutely delicious and very generously portioned at three good sized bites.

Topped with chocolate, what more can you ask for in a healthy snack.

Granola Bites The Good Prep Review

Dinner/Tea: Chilli + Lime Chicken Thighs, Polenta Chips and Piri Sauce

Protein: 28.08g – Carbohydrates: 35.30g – Fat: 29.16g – Calories: 446

Had lots of options of dinner/teas to choose from, however decided I would go with a lighter dinner tonight in the Chilli + Lime Chicken Thighs served with Polenta Chips, Piri Sauce and some greens.

This is my type of healthy meal once again, light, protein rich and just the right amount of food.

It’s been a spicy day today food wise, amazing flavours and seasoning once again, along with the Piri Sauce dip, which goes great with the Polenta chips.

This was my first time trying Polenta chips to the best of my knowledge and I really enjoyed the consistently and flavour.

A really nice balanced flavorful meal once again.

Chilli + Lime Chicken Thighs, Polenta Chips and Piri Sauce

Evening Snack: Spicy Chickpeas

I still had another tub of Spicy Chickpeas left and was craving an evening snack, so decided to get stuck in.

As said in our previous review of The Good Prep’s food, I absolutely love Spicy Chickpeas, they are one of my favorite go-to healthy snacks.

Spicy chickpeas are a tasty and easy way to get more heart-healthy legumes into the diet.

Chickpeas also commonly known as Garbanzo beans are great plant-based sources of protein, dietary fiber, vitamins such as folate, minerals and many other health promoting nutrients.

Spicy Chickpeas The Good Prep


Overall another tasty day of food and meals from The Good Prep.

Have really enjoyed not having to think about preparing food or even not having to pop out to the supermarket for a few days has been a nice welcome relief, especially with how busy things have been recently.

Great portions, very filling meals that are full of flavour.

I would highly recommend The Good Prep meal delivery service, lots of different types of food and meals to choose from also.

Order and choose your meal plan from The Good Prep below at:

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