The Good Prep – Healthy Meal Prep Delivery Service Review

The Good Prep Healthy Meals Delivery Service Review

This week we have something special at Evidence-Based Health and we are reviewing The Good Prep healthy meal delivery service.

The Good Prep is a Meal prep delivery service, delivering freshly prepared ready to eat meals direct to your door with nationwide delivery.

Tested & Featured by Men’s Health, Women’s Health, The Telegraph, The Sunday Times, Comopolitan, Glamour & Gymshark.

The Good Prep lets you choose a meal plan based on a target daily calorie range, prepared, cooked and delivered direct to your door.

My food arrived around 5pm via DPD courier in a good thick box with cooling bags included to keep the food fresh and cool, right till it hits your front door.

Another picture of all my The Good Prep food

Some of the food pictured includes healthy juices (Cucumber, Apple & Kale, Carrot, Apple & Turmeric, Coconut Water, Apple & Pinepple), Overnight Oats, Nutella Bagel, Banana Pancakes, Protein Ball Snack, Spiced Chickpeas, Chili + Lime Thighs, Polenta Chips & Piri Sauce, Peanut Butter Chicken Curry and much more.

The Good Prep - Healthy Meal Prep Delivery Service Review

Picture of the Banana Pancakes & Nutella Bagels

The Good Prep Banana Pancakes & Nutella Bagel

Something I really like so far is that all the nutritional information and macro’s are listed easily to see.

The Good Prep – Day 1 – Healthy Meal Prep Delivery Service Food Review

Breakfast: Nutella Bagels

Protein: 13g – Carbohydrates: 66g – Fat: 15g – Calories: 464

What better place to start our food review for The Good Prep than with their delicious and very decadent Nutella Bagels.

As soon as set my eyes on the Nutella bagels, I knew I had to try these for my first The Good Prep breakfast.

Mmm these were so good….Very filling and tasty with just the right amount of Nutella, plus the topping of the desiccated coconut and dried fruit adds an extra touch.

One bagel is very filling as I say, a good indulgent breakfast to start the day when you want something sweet for a cheat.

Nutella Bagels The Good Prep Food Review

Another close up picture of the tasty Nutella Bagels…look at them!

The Good Prep Nutella Bagels Food Review

Lunch: Pesto, Feta & Sun Dried Tomato Rigatoni

Protein: 13g – Carbohydrates: 66g – Fat: 15g – Calories: 464

Decided I would go with the Pesto, Feta and Sun Dried Tomato Rigatoni for a quick healthy vegetarian lunch.

The meal was bursting with flavour, very well seasoned and made for a really nice light dinner.

Pesto, Feta and Sun Dried Tomato Rigatoni

Snack & Juice: Spiced Chickpeas with a Coconut Water, Apple, Pineapple and Blue-Green Spirulina Algae Juice

The weather has been extremely hot this week again here in Scotland, so I was really glad to have some healthy juices on hand from The Good Prep.

The first juice I decided to try is there Coconut Water, Apple, Pineapple and Blue-Green Algae Spirulina Juice.

Really nice tasting and very hydrating juice this was, due to the inclusion of the Coconut Water and other fruits.

Coconut Water, Apple, Pineapple & Spirulina Juice The Good Prep

The juice gets its aqua marine colour from being boosted with the superfood Blue-Green algae Spirulina, which has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and other benefits such as inhibiting the release of histamine from mast cells.

The Good Prep must have read my mind as to what my favorite snacks are, as I absolutely love Spiced Chickpeas and eat them often.

Spiced Chickpeas are a very tasty way to get more heart-healthy legumes into the diet and are a great source of protein, dietary fiber, folate, magnesium, copper and many other nutrients.

Spiced Chickpeas The Good Prep Snacks

Dinner/Tea – Salmon + Root Vegetables

Protein: 26g – Carbohydrates: 22g – Fat: 26g – Calories: 443

After having a predominantly vegetarian/plant-based day, I decided I would go with the Salmon and Root Vegetables for a nice protein rich Paleolithic/Mediterranean style dinner.

Another really tasty meal this was.  The Salmon was well seasoned and very soft/delicate.

The root vegetables and the dressing however were my favorite part of the meal.  A really nice light healthy root veg salad for the start of Autumn months coming in.

Containing Kale, Beetroot, Butternut Squash and Carrots.  The dressing was a vibrant zesty citrus orange lemon flavour and went really well with the salad.

These are the style of healthy meals I typically eat for dinner, protein rich, good source of omega-3 fatty acids and lots of health promoting vegetables.

Salmon and Root Vegetables The Good Prep Meal Delivery Service Review

Overall I am thoroughly impressed with my first days of food from The Good Prep meal delivery prep service.

The food is very filling and you get good portion quantities, plus it’s all very well seasoned and full of flavour.

I also like that there are a variety of different options to heat the meals including in the Pan, Microwave and in the Oven.

Already can’t wait to get stuck into reviewing tomorrows food already, some of which includes Banana Pancakes(enriched with whey protein powder), Granola Bites, Beef Chilli and Basmati Rice and much more.

Order and choose your meal plan from The Good Prep below at:

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