Covid-19 Vaccines – How we went from “completely safe” to now likely proven links of blood clots & heart inflammation

Covid-19 Vaccines - How we went from "completely safe" to now likely proven links of blood clots & heart inflammation

There has been an endless amount of pro-vaccine propaganda since the Covid-19 pandemic.

Individuals raising potential concerns regarding safety have often been hysterically labelled as “anti-vaxxers” in order to invalidate genuine worries surrounding these vaccines.

Initially, we the general public were sold the lie from both manufacturers and allopathic doctors that these vaccines were “completely safe” and free of any serious side effects.

Of course after millions of individuals were vaccinated for their first dose, we rapidly found these poorly supported claims were far from the truth and it wasn’t long before the likes of the Astra Zeneca vaccine were being linked to blood clotting disorders and now the mRNA vaccines with heart inflammation.

A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advisory panel said there is a “likely association” between adolescents getting the vaccines and cases of myocarditis and pericarditis, but it added that the benefits are still greater than the risks.

The MHRA said clotting after second AstraZeneca doses had risen ‘in line with the number of second doses given’.

So naturally of course the narrative changed overnight from these Covid vaccines being considered to be “completely safe” to individuals having to weigh up the “risks to benefits” of taking these vaccines.

We have had endless doctors and scientists come out in the mainstream media using an array of craftily worded rhetoric to try downplay the serious nature of these vaccine side effects or to waive their liability.

The covid vaccines and fertility debate is a prime example of this and has even managed to make it’s way into several scientific journals, of course with allopathic doctors claiming that there is “no evidence” to currently support any claim that covid-19 vaccines have any sort of detrimental effect on fertility.

Again this is a key example of how crafty these individuals word their liability.  Yes there is currently “no evidence”, that is exactly the point, there is no long-term safety data for anyone to draw or make any robust definitive claim here that covid-19 vaccines won’t have some potential negative effect on fertility.

Its worth now noting that there was a report in the media just yesterday or so of doctors warning that around 4000 women have reported irregularities in their menstrual cycle since taking the vaccine.

This is entirely the problem when you have rushed vaccines that haven’t been deployed on a large scale basis before and don’t have much in the way of long-term safety data to really know what is going to happen here.

I have numerous concerns not only related to the safety of these vaccines, but the significant effort that has gone into pro-vaccine propaganda over the past half a year with threats of vaccine passports and removal of other essential services, the many faceless troll accounts that plague the mainstream media videos on various platforms aggressively bullying people for raising concerns related to these vaccines and trying to cause a divide between vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, usually based on false logic.

These are not minor side effects after all such as blood clots or heart inflammation.  The serious lack of concern or empathy to those affected by these serious side effects that I am witnessing from allopathic doctors continues to amaze me.

The CDC is monitoring cases reported after first and second doses of the Moderna and BioNTech/Pfizer mRNA vaccines in people aged over 12.

There were 323 confirmed cases among people who received the vaccine of either myocarditis and pericarditis, or both, in the US up to June 11, the FT reported. Almost 80% have fully recovered.

This is hundreds to thousands of individuals who are now reporting and encountering these side effects such as myocarditis and pericarditis, its hardly as “rare” as these manufacturers and pro-vaccine proponents are falsely trying to claim.

So much so that regulators have now had to add warnings of these serious side effects to the labels of these vaccines in order to justify their own liability.

We will rapidly get to the point that the debate will naturally shift to whether the vaccines are more dangerous than the virus itself and for those who are young in good health and free of serious comorbidities, that remains a serious question….

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