Reishi – The Immune Boosting Medicinal Mushroom

Reishi The Immune Boosting Medicinal Mushroom

Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) or “Lingzhi” is one of the most prized medicinal mushrooms used in traditional healing systems such as TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) for promoting health and longevity.

Reishi has a long traditional history of medicinal use for thousands of years and is a popular Asian herbal remedy most commonly consumed as a hot water extract(mushroom tea) or dry powder.

Polysaccharides, peptidoglycans, and triterpenes are three major physiologically active constituents in G. lucidum. [1]

Modern clinical research has demonstrated that Reishi mushroom has a diverse range of biological activities including adaptogen, anti-cancer, antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-viral, blood glucose regulation, immunomodulatory effects and liver/gastric protective properties.

Reishi mushroom is considered to be a potential adjunct to conventional treatment to enhance the tumor response and stimulate host immunity for cancer.

Medicinal mushrooms such as Reishi, Chaga, Turkey Tail are not only considered to be great for cancer treatment/prevention, they are some of the top choices for supporting and boosting the immune system.

Reishi has shown potent immuno-stimulating activites and anti-inflammatory effects. Triterpenes one of the main active constituents of Reishi exhibit a marked effect on the activity of NK cells.

Ganoderma lucidum is also considered to be an “adaptogen”, which is a natural substance which increases the bodies resistance to stress and has a normalizinga ction on the body.  Adaptogens help to promote strength, energy and overall vitality.

Best Reishi Mushroom Supplements

One of my favorite Reishi Mushroom supplements is Navi Organics Wild Cultivated Duanwood Reishi Mushroom Extract Powder.

A potent 10:1 bio-active concentrated powdered extract. 

I like consuming the Dual Extracted 10:1 Duanwood Reishi Mushroom Extract Powder in a small amount of cold water. Although often I add the Mushroom powders to a black coffee, which is also amazing.


[1] Ganoderma lucidum (Lingzhi or Reishi)

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