Pharma Nord Bio-Quinone Active Q10 Review

Pharma Nord Bio-Quinone Active Q10

This week’s dietary supplement review and up this time we are showcasing the Bio-Quinone Active Q10 by Pharma Nord.

Pharma Nord are one of the leading manufacturers of nutrition supplements and have an extensive range from Coenzyme Q10 to Selenium.

I have been looking forward to sharing one of my favorite nutraceutical supplements on the website here at Evidence-Based Health in Coenzyme Q10 from one of the best supplement manufacturers in Pharma Nord.

Coenzyme Q10 in my opinion it is one of the best evidence-based supplements for supporting cardiovascular health, has been shown to be an effective adjunctive treatment for heart failure, plus may be of benefit for individuals with ME/CFS and patients on statin cholesterol lowering medications.

What Is Coenzyme Q10?

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ) is an essential component of the mitochondrial electron transport chain and an antioxidant in plasma membranes and lipoproteins.

It is endogenously produced in all cells by a highly regulated pathway that involves a mitochondrial multiprotein complex.

Low levels of Coenzyme Q10 has been shown to play a role in the pathophysiology of many health conditions such as cardiovascular diseases(heart failure), mitochondrial diseases/dysfunction, ME/CFS, gum diseases and many others.

Preparation Used In The KiSel10 & Q-SYMBIO Trials

Bio-Quinone Active Q10 is the coenzyme Q10 preparation used in the prestigious KiSel10 and Q-SYMBIO trials containing Coenzyme Q10 in the form of Ubiquinone.

The 2-year treatment with CoQ10 (300 mg/day) as adjunctive therapy in a randomized, controlled multicenter trial affecting 420 patients suffering from chronic heart failure called the (Q-SYMBIO trial) demonstrated an improvement in symptoms and reduction in major cardiovascular events (Mortensen et al., 2014).

We are going to be talking more about these studies very soon on the blog and Coenzyme Q10’s impressive health benefits as verified by many quality clinical trials.

Evidence-Based Health Review

Anyway I would like to start my review by saying many thanks once again to Pharma Nord UK for generously providing us a sample of their Bio-Quinone Active Q10 to review for our website.

The very first Coenzyme Q10 supplement I ever tried was actually by Pharma Nord over 10+ years ago and I have been a huge fan of the health benefits ever since finding out I was plasma deficient in CoQ10.

I have experiemented with various different forms of Coenzyme Q10 over the years now from Ubiquinone to Ubiquinol and feel I have a good gauge on what is a quality CoQ10 supplement.

Until recently I probably would have said that Ubiquinol was my favorite form of CoQ10, however after sampling the Bio-Quinone Active Q10 in the past few months, it has become my preferred choice of Coenzyme Q10 again.

I find the Bio-Quinone Active Q10 to be amazing for increasing energy and exercise capacity, its effects are even more pronounced than Ubiquinol here in this regard for me.  It really has a significant effect on boosting my functional capacity.

Another noticeable health benefit I found from the Bio-Quinone Active Q10 was the reduction in shortness in breath and improved breathing/heart function whilst walking/exercising.

The improvements in shortness of breath especially upon exertion is of my favorite benefits associated with Coenzyme Q10 supplements for me as an individual with ME/CFS.

Coenzyme Q10 also gives me a nice mild mood boost that lasts about an hour after consumption I find.  Lowered levels of CoQ10 have also shown to play a role in the pathophysiology of major depressive disorder, through IO&NS(Inflammatory, Oxidative and Nitrosative) Stress pathway disorders.  Coenzyme Q10 has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects according to the research.

Overall: I would definitely recommend the Bio-Quinone Active Q10 100mg Capsules by Pharma Nord to anyone who is interested in a high quality, evidence-based Coenzyme Q10 supplement.

Pharma Nord are one of the best manufacturers for Coenzyme Q10 supplements in my opinion and you can really feel a difference in the quality of their products over other brands.



60x 100mg GOLD Capsules – £37.95

Where To Purchase

For more information on Pharma Nord’s Bio-Quinone Active Q10 100mg Capsules visit their Official website at: Bio-Quinone Active Q10 Pharma Nord

Pharma Nord

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